Our Story

Our Story

megWelcome To Meg’s Soap Boudoir, my name is Meg and I am the  creator of these beautiful unique soaps, bath and body care products. AND this is why I started this small business!

The reason the company started was because when I was a young adult I had some of my own health Battles with continual bouts of thrush (candida infections), mucous membrane sensitivity & skin sensitivity and the products on the market were just not helping here. Because of these issues with the candida infections, mucous membrane & skin sensitivity issues throughout my late teens and most of my 20s I was unable to use commercial made soap bars. So, after extensive research I worked out that I needed to use surfactant based cleansing products, as I couldn’t use normal soaps. Because of my very personal and painful experience Health & Hygiene became important to me.

So, after a lot of research there were a few things that had to change. Body wash and shower gels became my new best friends, Pubic hair well this was also an issue, hair holds germs and bacteria even after being washed so I decided it had to go! Well this was just a nightmare in the making, shaving – razors spread germs and bacteria all over the place, besides that cutting myself, shaving rash and then the prickly regrowth was really horrible. Hair removal creams well that turned into a doctor’s visit. Hair removal cream + Sensitive skin Huge NO NO!

Then I went and got myself a Brazilian wax! Well it stung but I tell you VERY liberating and well I had never felt so clean in my whole life! So, waxing became a routine for me, then one day my waxing didn’t go to plan and I ended up with a very severe burn on my **** yep you guessed it! After having this bad experience with waxing services and experiencing a painful burnt skin injury I started to look at doing waxing myself. Luckily, I was introduced to GlamaCo by a friend where I was able to purchase my own trade only waxing kit and I started as a waxing specialist, working from home. My ambition only grew from here, so taking up the challenge to educate myself further I enrolled in a Diploma of Beauty Therapy Course changing the direction of my career.

During my studies I worked as a letter box pamphlet deliverer, and used this opportunity to distribute my own business flyers at the same time, securing an initial clientele base for the home-based beauty salon. Facebook back then wasn’t like what it is now! Once I had sorted out my little home-based beauty day spa, I then looked for products to stock and use within the business. Well I was shocked to find so many varieties and companies to choose from, but they were all the same! The buy in for wholesale was huge, more than I could afford at the time and definitely more stock than I could sell to my customers in a reasonable time frame. So what did I do? Started to research making my own products, yes, I was off on another tangent!

Well to start I ordered myself a cold process soap making kit and I was off and running. My first market was a great success I was sold out within the first ½ hour, I even had to send my hubby home for the remaining stock sitting on the shelf. Now that was over 12 years ago and I have never looked back. And I really feel I have a knack for customer service and a passion to help people who feel uncomfortable feel better about themselves through the use of beautiful handmade quality and well-designed soaps and body products that help solve the problems I have experienced as a young adult.


Happy Customers

Meg you’re so talented! Your products are beautiful, cant wait to try your bath bombs & face mask I picked up tonight. – V.W.

Friendly, fast and professional service, Megan makes beautiful products! – J.C.

Meg has the best scrubs in the world. You must give it a try they are to die for!!! – A.P.

Purchased one of your soaps after talking to you about my sensitive skin, it was so creamy and gentle on my skin thank you. I will be back for more. – P.W.